Become a Sub

AFHS, and Wake County  in general, is in need of substitute teachers.  If you are interested, click the link to find out what’s required!  Thanks for your interest!


AFHS Fundraiser

Mark your calendars for Nov 16th & Nov 17th to visit Heroes Car Wash in Holly Springs!!  Use code #12345 and Heroes will donate 50% of your car wash price to the PTSA!  Thanks for being our HERO at Heroes!

October Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, October 18th at 201 Shannon Oaks Circle, Suite 100, Cary, NC.  All are welcome to attend!

AFHS PTSA Student Rep Applications


MISSION: The AFHS PTSA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering  families and communities to advocate for all children. 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Each Student Representative must be a PTSA member and in good academic standing of the current school year. Each Student Representative must attend at least two board meetings and one general  PTSA meeting. Board and general meetings are held during evening hours at the school throughout the year.  They must also complete at least two volunteer projects throughout the current school year that reinforces the  PTSA Mission. Volunteer credit must be verified by committee chair or board member in charge of the  event/function. 

Examples of volunteer projects may include

  • Volunteering at PTSA events: Special Education inclusion events, New Student events, selling Spirit Wear, helping during Staff Lunches/Staff Appreciation Week/Reflections Celebration, etc.  Contribute content for the Patriot Post. 
  • Help conduct student body informational surveys for potential PTSA projects or events. Help with any additional project/event during. Requires prior approval from the President. 

Student Representatives must follow all other board guidelines including, but not limited to: signing Code of  Ethics and Conflict of Interest Forms, keeping gathered information confidential, returning in the same condition as it was received any documents or materials given to the Student Representative. A Student Representative is  not only a representative of the PTSA but also the school as a whole and will be expected to be respectful of  their positions, PTSA mission, fellow volunteers/students/staff/board members.