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September is Suicide Prevention Month

#BeThe1To Ask The Tough Question. When somebody you know is in emotional pain, ask them directly: “Are you thinking about killing yourself?”

 #BeThe1To Keep Them Safe. Is your friend thinking about suicide? Ask if they’ve thought about how they would do it and separate them from anything they could use to hurt themselves.

 #BeThe1To Be There. If your friend is thinking about suicide,
Listen to their reasons for feeling hopeless and in pain.
Listen with compassion and empathy and without dismissing or judging.

 #BeThe1To Help Them Connect. Help your friend connect to a support system, whether it’s 800-273- TALK(8255), family, friends, clergy, coaches, co-workers or therapists, so they have a network to reach out to for help. 

#BeThe1To Follow Up. Check in with the person you care about on a regular basis. Making contact with a friend in the days and weeks after a crisis can make a difference in keeping them alive.

General PTSA Meeting 5/28/19

Tuesday 5/28/19 the PTSA will hold a General PTSA Meeting to vote the nominated Officers for the 2019/2020 school year. Please join us at 6:30pm in the Media Center. 

The slate of Officers follows:
President – Amy Camp (2nd year, replacement needed for the 20/21 school year)
Treasurer – Janel Karash (2nd year, replacement needed for the 20/21 school year)
Secretary – Persephone Hohls
VP of Communications – Erum Kahn
VP of Hospitality – Linda Montanari
VP of Ways and Means – vacant

This will be the last PTSA meeting of the 2018/2019 school year. Board/Committee members will also be voted in. All Board positions are listed below. (There’s still a few openings and time for you to sign up! 😁)

2019-2020 PTSA Board