2020-2021 AFHS PTSA Reflections Art Program

The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for Pre-K- 12th grade students. It offers these students opportunities to express themselves creatively in six different art categories and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme. Students can participate in Dance, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, and Visual Arts-both 2D and 3D. First place winners will move on to the National PTA competition.

This year’s 2020-21 theme is:  To Be Determined

Last Year’s 2019-20 Theme:

2019-2020 Reflections Winners!

We are so proud to announce the 2019 AFHS PTSA Reflections winners!  We are amazed at the creativity and mastery the students showed this year. Thank you to all participating students for their outstanding work that truly showcased this year’s theme – Look Within!  Special thanks to the judges, teachers and parents whose support is pivotal to this program’s success. Let’s celebrate the local winners!  Stay tuned to see if any of our AFHS students win at the state level.  The state level winners will be announced in late March 2020.

All submissions were judged by the following volunteer judges:

Jacquie Howarth, Studio 123 –

Cynthia Mollenkopf, Cocoon Gallery –

Jane Wolfgang, Jane Wolfgang Studio –

Wake County Award Winners

Please see below for the 2019-2020 Wake County PTA Council Reflections Program Winners from AFHS!

*All 1st Place Winners will be moving on to the State level for judging.  State winners will be announced in late March 2020.

2D Visual Arts (Wake County)

3rd Place – Amishi Goel, Perspectives of Life – 10th Grade

3D Visual Arts (Wake County)

1st Place – Jaden Slattery, Internal Beat – 12th Grade*

2nd Place – Sydney Nguyen, Persona – 12th Grade

Honorable Mention – Olivia Rudd, A Beautiful Mind – 10th Grade

Music (Wake County)

1st Place – Zachary Chase Bonin – Sonder*

Apex Friendship High School Award Winners

Please see below for the 2019-2020 local AFHS PTA Council Reflections Program Winners!

Literature (AFHS)

1st Place:  Michele Jennings, Soul of Shards – 12th Grade

2nd Place:  Serkute Abebe, We the People – 11th Grade

3rd Place:  Jackson Haycraft, Within the Mind – 9th Grade

Music Composition (AFHS)

1st Place: Zachary Chase Bonin, Sonder – 11th Grade

Photography (AFHS)

1st Place:  Devin Sehgal, The backyard we should all have – 10th Grade

2nd Place:  Cole Swain, Realization of a Dragonfly – 11th Grade

Visual Arts 2D (AFHS)

1st Place:  Olivia Allen, One Man’s Trash – 12th Grade

2nd Place:  Amishi Goel, Perspectives of Life – 10th Grade

3rd Place:  Aurea Michael, I See With a Heart – 9th Grade

Honorable Mention: Apprecia Lassiter, the emotions inside – 10th Grade

Honorable Mention:  Kailyn Becker, You Know My Name, Not My Story – 9th Grade

Visual Arts 3D (AFHS)

1st Place:  Jaden Slattery, Internal Beat – 12th Grade

2nd Place:  Emma Markusen, Judgment – 10th Grade

3rd Place:  Olivia Rudd, A Beautiful Mind – 10th Grade

Honorable Mention:  Anna Durnin, Open-Minded – 12th Grade

Honorable Mention:  Sydney Nguyen, Persona – 12th Grade

Thank you,

AFHS Reflections Team