Sponsors and Supporters for the 2022/2023 School Year

The Apex Friendship High School PTSA is a non profit 501c(3) tax-exempt organization. All donations will be used to support the many valuable programs at AFHS that benefit all of our students, parents and staff. Everything we do is thanks to the generosity of our members and the community. We wanted to take the time to recognize and thank our Supporters for the Various Campaigns throughout the Year. (Event Specific Sponsors can be found on the corresponding event pages).

Teacher Welcome/Swag Box Campaign

Teachers are leaving our Schools at a staggering rate!  Unfortunately, Apex Friendship High School is no exception to this issue. The Staff Retention Team, a division of the School Improvement Committee are working on various ideas to help retain teachers.  By Donating to our first initiative, you will help us build a welcoming and appreciative environment for our wonderful team of teachers and support staff. *Any money left over after this Campaign will be put toward other Staff Retention Campaigns throughout the year. If there is any money left after all Staff Retention campaigns have completed for the year the money will go into the PTSA General Budget.

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